How Healthy are Your Precious Plants?

Committed to customer service, we offer Brix Testing to be able to tell if your mature plants are missing vital nutrients.

The Brix Refractometer determines the sugar concentration in the plants sap. This important information will tell you if your plant is receiving adequate light, ventilation, temperature, humidity or irrigation.


Sugar is initially produced and stored in the leaves of the plant until it matures and the plant shifts the sugar distribution to the entire plant. At this point, sugars are evenly distributed throughout the plant and for a typically healthy plant, the ideal brix level is between 12% - 15%. 

If a mature plant tests lower than 12% then investigations can begin to determine the cause. For example, if high nitrogen levels are found in plants with low brix levels, irrigation may be the problem, since nitrogen is only delivered to the plant via water.

Test batches submitted for brix testing must be from the same plant. Please do not mix strains or plants.

Brix Testing